City Radio Stores       

                                 37 Bond Street Eal​ing W5 5AS

Established 1929

Audrey Jones
I know from personal experience since I moved to Ealing in 1959 that City Radio is unique. They stock the most modern and the most obscure electrical supplies, can repair almost everything and you can park outside - if you're quick...
Stella Harpley
City Radio Stores have helped me twice. Rewiring a lamp for a client and locating a rare bulb. They are fast and efficient. Try them. These guys are awesome. Give them your custom - let's keep this shop going until at least 100 years!
Ms Terry Jones, London
Just to say that the owner dropped everything to help me out at short notice on Saturday afternoon to sort out a noisy volume switch on my ancient cassette deck. Much appreciated as I wanted to use it the next day. I also bought a v. good quality 6metre guitar lead for only £10. I'll be back to pester them to fix another cassette deck! :)
Ted Dewan, Oxford
I am an artist and engineer, and a former London resident now living in Oxford. I still come to Ealing to visit City Radio, as they simply have the goods you cant get anywhere else, even online in some cases. They're more than a mere supplier, they ave detailed knowledge of the range of their clientelle's interests. As a result, their service is irreplacable by any online specialist, ebay shop, or large franchise. I've yet to find a shop that can touch it, as even the excellent Smith & Low in Oxford doesn't have quite the charm and ideosyncracies. And yet, the shop's not precious, nor are you made to feel at all foolish if you're not completely clear about what it is you're looking for (even if you call a "jack" a "plug", which should be a hangable offense really, since they're the opposite!). This place is one of the last holdouts against the dreaded "blister pac". Go there if for nothing else than to appreciate excellence (and admire the recently restored stained glass). I shall mourn the day this shop ever goes, long may it thrive. Ted Dewan
This shop is a real aladin's cave of electrical goods. A traditional store with traditional values, knowledgable staff who have time for their customers. It's the first place I look now for any replacements or renewals because I can rely on quality and expertise. Brilliant! Thank you City Radio.
​Jill A, London
I wanted to check out microphones and wireless recording sets so I headed off to City Radio Stores.The guy in the store was very knowledgeable and showed my a whole range of microphones and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. I was lucky because I was the only person in the store so I got his undivided attention.They had a full range of Shure microphones and I ended up buying a small lapel one for 39.99.They also sell music specialty items, lighting, large range of headphones, electrical stuff like fires, lighting, clock radios, tools etc.Altogether a really handy store which is like one of those old fashioned shops where the staff really knew their products and could advise you professionally on the whole range. You just don't get that much anymore.